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Apr 2017
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AVA JOY        SubBrands-07


Angus Soft Fruits Ltd – the berry specialists are delighted to announce that they are launching 6 new AVA berry varieties in summer 2017.

AVA Joy, AVA Surprise, AVA Star and AVA Blush include both June bearing and day neutral strawberry varieties.

AVA Sunrise & AVA Sunset raspberries are the first floricane releases from the company’s programme.

The varieties have all been selected for appearance, flavour and shelf life as well as being high yielding and have different cropping profiles such that when combined offer a long season of availability of great tasting berries.

Dave Griffiths, Angus Soft Fruits R&D Director & head breeder said, “The new varieties are the result of several years of hard work by my team and we look forward to seeing these on retailer shelves this summer”

John Gray, Angus Soft Fruits’ Commercial Director said, “The varieties have all been successfully sampled by our customers and trialled extensively by growers with excellent results”

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