Our Breeding / R&D Programmes

Throughout its history Angus Soft Fruits has consistently developed new and innovative techniques of producing soft fruit crops. This includes the development of the Seaton System, allowing crops to be grown for 6 months of the year, in Scotland, and a breeding programme to produce varieties of highest quality and flavour.

Seaton System – developed to enable fruit to be produced with full protection from the elements, reduced pesticides requirements and all produced at a height to simplify harvesting and crop management.




Breeding programme – Originally started to find new strawberry varieties for our UK production during which time several new commercial varieties were selected and are now grown by ASF growers. Within the last few years Raspberry and Blackberry breeding has also been undertaken, and the new varieties from this work are now been commercially evaluated.



Current Angus Soft Fruits strawberry varieties in commercial production:



In recent months we have finalised agreement from key partner’s from around the world, to extend our breeding programme and research and development activities. Such that we now have a breeding programme in Egypt, Southern and Northern Europe in addition to our activities here in the UK. This will allow the next few years to develop Strawberries and Raspberry to our own countries requirements, the main criteria to select new varieties in all area is to produce highly flavoured varieties, of good quality fruits, with high levels of natural resistant to pest and diseases.




In addition to the varieties Ava, Ava Rosa and Islay, we are about to release 3 new Strawberry and 2 new Raspberry varieties, following the final testing this year.