Good Natured Fruit


nick-nairn-gnfGood Natured Fruit strawberries and raspberries taste as ravishing, succulent and fresh as nature originally intended.  Whenever you and your family eat them, you can be sure of one very important thing: you’re eating absolutely nothing but the fruit.


Why Good Natured Fruit?

The ravishing strawberries and raspberries have been lovingly cultivated in harmony with the environment.  The soft fruit farmers use their expert knowledge to produce the freshest berries with no need for artificial pesticides.

1542More and more of us are looking to enjoy the purest food possible – especially for our children who might be fussy eaters.

You can rest assured that the experts at Angus Soft Fruits have set their hearts on creating new Good Natured Fruit that has no artificial pesticides.  It is grown using a combination of traditional methods and cutting edge technology to create very special berries to be loved by all. They taste great and are ridiculously succulent because they’ve been allowed to grown in peace and harmony with their beautiful surroundings in Scotland’s Tayside.

No wonder they’re such Good Natured Fruit.

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