We breed new varieties of strawberries and raspberries at our Angus Innovation site based at Sandbrook Grounds.

Our breeder Dave Griffiths has been growing berries for over 40 years. Our aim is to develop new varieties which have improved flavour, appearance, shelf life, disease resistance and yield than existing varieties. In 2003 we released the original AVA™ strawberry variety which was the first strawberry grown in the U.K. sold into premium lines at leading retailers.

In the last few years we have seen two further commercial selections be named – AVA™ Rosa and Islay, both of which are widely grown and supplied to the supermarkets today.

Subsequent new varieties from our programme are pre-fixed with the AVA™ trademark, this helps differentiate our premium berries from others.

There is an incredible 145 years of experience in soft fruit within our technical team which demonstrates our dedication, depth of knowledge and passion for berries” David Cuthbert, Technical and Development Director, ASF