About Us

About Us

Angus Soft Fruits Ltd was established in 1994 in the Angus area of Scotland by three passionate growers, Lochy Porter, his father, Willie Porter, and cousin James Gray. Their vision was to sell their fruit directly to retailers and continually improve the product available to consumers.

To provide a point of difference in the products available, in the mid-1990’s an in-house research and development programme, Angus Soft Fruits Breed Programme, was set up and this is how the first AVA™ strawberry variety was developed.

The business has since expanded through collaboration with other growers in the UK and worldwide to ensure a year-round supply of excellent berries and continual innovation, resulting in Angus Soft Fruits being a leading supplier of berries to retailers in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Growing crops has been an integral part of their family’s heritage. So naturally, the business has inherited years of knowledge and expertise from generation to generation. The Head Office of the business remains in the Angus, an area rich in agricultural history and famously known as the heart of traditional berry growing.

Angus Soft Fruits takes pride in its team of experts, known as ‘The Berry Specialists’. They work closely with our growers worldwide to breed, grow and pack berries, ensuring that there is a year-round supply of the best-tasting fruit for their customers.

The key to our success is our professional, flexible and highly experienced team. - John Gray, Managing Director