Working in conjunction with a global network of likeminded grower partners, Angus Soft Fruits is able to supply the best berries to our customers each and every day.

Our growers are passionate about growing the best fruit and aim to produce their berries using the most environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.

El Bosque – Spain

Agricola El Bosque,S.L. is part of the Plus Berries Group. They have 7 farms , shared between Rociana,Lepe, Lucena, Palos, Moguer and Cartaya and have been growing for 20 years! Their great -grandfather was also a farmer, he grew tomatoes and sold them in tins under the brand “La Canastita” that’s why Daniel Velo and Javier Velo the two brothers that run El Bosque kept the brand “la canastita” for their blackberries. Like Angus Soft Fruits, this family invest in research and development and have their own breeding program.

Cartuja – Spain

La Cartuja de Moguer, S.L., part of Frutas de Andalucia’s group. They are based in the Almonte area and their 4 farms grow Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries, within excellent facilities. La Cartuja has been in farming soft fruit since 1998, although  Manolo’s (THE MD) father and grandfather were growers too but they were involved in potatoes crops, cereals and stone fruit.

Frigipol – Poland

Frigipol , established in 2010 has been producing and exporting blueberries to Great Britain, Ireland and Switzerland. They currently have of a group of 15 certified producers located in different parts of Poland with a production surface of 130 ha, gorwing a range of different varieties. They also have a state of the art packhouse south of Warsaw.

Tim Stockwell – Fife

Our UK growing partner, Angus Growers Ltd. includes 20 berry specialist growers, such as Tim Stockwell and his wife Alice. They have been farming in Crail, since 1990. Farming as a family partnership with his brother Rob, Tim looks after the Soft Fruit side of the business growing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, whilst Rob looks after the vegetable enterprise. The East Neuk of Fife has proved to be an ideal climate with its mild winters and relatively cool summers for both our fruit and vegetable crops. In recent years they have added renewable energy to their activities, using wind to produce electricity for the farm and biomass to heat polyhouses for early strawberry production.

There is an incredible 145 years of experience in soft fruit within our technical team which demonstrates our dedication, depth of knowledge and passion for berries” David Cuthbert, Technical and Development Director, ASF