Robotics Automation Awards 2023

Robotics Automation Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce that we won “Best Use of Robotics or Automation in Food and Beverage” in collaboration with our tray sealing solutions partner , ProSeal UK Ltd, for our Case Packer Range of End-of-Line Solutions at the Robotics Automation Awards.

The Robotics Automation Awards took place in London on October 31st; Florin Croitoru, Site Maintenance Technician at Angus, attended along with ProSeal to collect the award.

As a long-standing partner of Proseal, we were the first customer to receive the flagship GT6-Twin heat-sealing machine and were highly influential in the development of the product. We approached Proseal and specifically asked for an automated solution to receive the sealed food products and package them into boxes ready for transportation; it quickly became apparent that we were natural partners in developing a prototype solution.

The prototype case packing machine, the CP3, was built by Proseal and installed at our packing premises in Salford Priors in 20

21. The CP3 was highly successful in achieving our objective of redeploying limited resources to achieve organisational gains whilst giving a return on investment and reducing the manual handling during the packing of our products. The automation process is also gentler on the product than manual packing, which has resulted in less damage to the soft fruit and is a significant benefit as we pride ourselves on delivering great tasting berries that will delight our customers each and every day and reduce any potential for food wastage.

This innovation was driven by Ionut Tirziu, Engineering and Maintenance Manager at Angus and assisted by his team, who collaborated with Proseal. With several challenging rounds to get shortlisted, including a written entry, videos and interviews, we are delighted to have been recognised with this accolade for our innovation.



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