Raspberry, Strawberry and Green Tea Cocktail

Raspberry, Strawberry and Green Tea Cocktail

A refreshingly, fruity cocktail!

503064_green_tea_cocktail_204x235Serves: 4-6
Preparation time: 10 minutes

You will need:

3 green tea bags
125g raspberries
200g strawberries, hulled
1 teaspoon of honey
100g ice
200ml gin


1) Make up 800ml of tea with the teabags in a large bowl. Leave to cool.
2) Meanwhile, place the raspberries and strawberries in a food processor and mix up into a purée, then mix in the honey.
4) In a clean tea towel, break up the ice roughly with a rolling pin, then add to the green tea.
5) In a large jug, pour in the gin and the fruit purée, giving it a good stir. Pour in the green tea mixture and stir again. Serve in tall glasses.

Nutritional info per cocktail: Calories 161, Total Fat, 0.4g, Saturated Fat Trace, Sugar 4.9g, Salt Trace.

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