Investing in the Future of our Industry and Young People

Investing in the Future of our Industry and Young People

At Angus Soft Fruits, we’re passionate about investing in the next generation by giving them insight into our exciting industry, our business and the career options we can offer. An example is our recent collaboration with Warwickshire College Group, where we have welcomed three Engineering Students on work placement within our Engineering and Maintenance department at Salford Priors. Our Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Ionut talks about the positive experience followed by a lovely testimonial from one of the students.

Ionut Tirziu, Engineering and Maintenance Manager –

“As the Engineering and Maintenance Manager, I have the pleasure of leading a team of 4 incredibly talented individuals. Recently, we were faced with limited time resources to work on some exciting new projects. However, we soon discovered a fantastic opportunity to boost our resources and help aspiring engineering students gain real-world experience by offering placement opportunities within our team.

After speaking with Gill, the Industry Placement Coordinator for WCG, we learned how challenging it can be for students to find placements in our area. We’ve since welcomed 3 placement students over the last 10 months, with 2 already completing their placements. The experience has been one of a kind for both parties.

Not only are we proud to give back to our local community by providing placement opportunities, but we’re also passionate about inspiring young individuals to pursue a career in engineering. The knowledge we’ve gained from these placements has been invaluable and has provided our team with fresh perspectives and insights.

At Angus Soft Fruits, we believe in investing in the future of our industry and supporting aspiring engineers. We’re committed to increasing the number of placement spaces available in the near future and can’t wait to welcome more talented students to our team.”

Michael McDermott, Placement Student –

“I learnt a lot during my time at Angus Soft Fruits and hopefully helped in many ways within the department. Since my placement began, I have learnt how many of the production machines work, how to function in a company dynamic and reasonable time management. I really enjoyed my placement at Angus Soft Fruits, the people were 100%! Everyone is so accommodating and helpful. I felt well supported during my placement, Ionut (my placement manager) was great at managing times and accommodating my planned work hours. I would 100% recommend Angus Soft Fruits for other young people looking for a work placement and would 100% consider working for Angus Soft Fruits in the future… for all the reasons above.”

The key to our success is our professional, flexible and highly experienced team. - John Gray, Commercial Director