RHET Strawberry Planting

RHET Strawberry Planting

Angus Soft Fruits worked in collaboration with RHET to supply local primary schools throughout Angus and Dundee, with strawberry plants, troughs, and compost.

The primary school children will be planting the strawberry plants with their teacher and the aid of our ‘How to Plant a Strawberry Plant’ video.

The video not only gave the planting instructions, but also what to expect in the coming weeks and the plant physiology.

We are looking forward to seeing how each of the primary schools get on in the coming weeks and if they managed to grow some lovely strawberries before they finish for summer.

“The Team at Angus Soft Fruits are creatively dynamic, extremely knowledgeable and incredibly hardworking but also awesome fun! - Jill Witheyman, Marketing Manager ASF