We are Award Winners!

We are Award Winners!

On Friday 16th of September the FPC Fresh awards were presented in London. We were delighted to be shortlisted for the Best Marketing Campaign award and were even more thrilled to be announced as the winners!

Good job Team Angus Marketing – Jill, Anneka and Agnitha!

The campaign that delivered us the win was the Angus Soft Fruit’s consumer awareness campaign to raise the profile of seasonal Scottish blueberries cost just £450 yet it reached over 100,000 people, recorded engagement levels of 15 per cent and garnered much local collaboration.

The firm’s marketing team was incredibly resourceful, creative and cost efficient when developing and creating the content for the campaign, including graphics, videos, competitions, recipes, tastings and social media engagement. The initiative demonstrates how a little investment in marketing can go a long way.

Judge’s comment was:

A resourceful and well-executed campaign proving that a big impact can still be achieved in an industry with a restricted budget.”

We are thrilled that our creativity and dedication was recognized at the awards!

The multi nationality of the ASF staff brings a great diversity and experience to the team. - Maria Baptista, Import Technical Manager ASF